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The Mission:

You are Sgt. Marty Gerardi. You are the only paratrooper to assault Omaha beach. This is because your transport splashed down and a landing craft picked you up. Your mission in the D-Day portion is three fold.

In the France portion the Allied forces are moving inland with the 101st leading the way. Gerardi is on the unit closest to the front. You know what to do soldier! Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite!

6-25-2001; 1339-I became an affilliate of Amazon.com so now those of you who don't yet have the game can get it, or whatever else you're interested in: other shooting games, The Longest Day, saving Private Ryan, or whatever.

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2-11-2001; 1319-I added a search page to my site so people can search for related stuff or just anything else from here. So far I only have one search box but other engines will soon follow. In other news: lately I have been working on another major web project. This means that the walkthroughs are still not finished, bear with me and I'll try to get those done as soon as possible.

10-10-2000; 1643-I haven't updated in a while, so here goes. I added a forum about WWII GI a couple of weeks ago. I'll try to finish my walkthroughs before X-mas.

5-29-2000; 1548-I added the walkthroughs link to my site. As of now only 2 walkthroughs are done. If you are stuck on a level fill out my guestbook or E-mail me at Sgt__Stryker@hotmail.com (2 underscores).

5-27-2000; 1830-My walkthroughs were delayed somewhat and I'll try to get them done as soon as I can. Remember to fill out my guestbook or E-mail any comments or questions to me at Sgt__Stryker@hotmail.com.

5-12-2000; 2051-Another conversion, the Commando PC, has been dropped. We must support the remaining ones or they will fail too. Marines, GIs, sailors, and airmen; we must help with these TCs or they'll never get done.
Suicide Missions: Russian Front TC
Pacific War TC
Battle of the Bulge TC

5-09-2000; 1247-I tracked down that broken link to WWII GI HQ and fixed it, there should be no further problems.

5-09-2000; 1230-I finally fixed my gusetbook and it works fine now. My walkthroughs page should be coming out some time before May 25. By the way today is VE-Day, the day Germany surrendered and we won the war in Europe!

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